All Talk and No Action Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I agree with Namita here.

This is what I tried bringing out in my earlier post.

If we want our toddlers to succeed and taste adulation, lets first make them capable of taking defeat in their stride.

Let's first DESERVE (By becoming saner, maturer, emotionally stabler) and then DESIRE (all the so called celebrity-hood).

Now, "mature" is not a word I would want to associate with my toddler ! Just why can't we let the kids be?


india unbound said...

Such "Parents" try to achieve through their little Miss/Mr Sunshines what they themselves could not.

Earlier all parents wanted their kids to be doctors, Engineers, MBA.

Now they want their kids to win reality shows, walk on ramps, etc.

The more things change, the more they remain same.

Mr BS said...

The onus should be on the parents on how to deal with such shows.
From a parent's point of view, the aim of such shows should ideally be to showcase the talent of his/her kid rather than having unrealistic or big hopes of trying to win them.
You win some, you lose some. The most important thing should be participating and enjoying being a part of the whole process and hope that this experience helps them in the future.

I think these shows are no different than exams in your schoools in a way.
Now if there is a kid who is not as intelligent and if the parent keeps pushing them to be the topper each time, it does not benefit either. It has to be a gradual process wherein we first encourage them to do better make the passing grade first, then think of getting a first class, then distinction and so on..
And in this process, even the kids become aware of what it takes to become successful.