All Talk and No Action Friday, July 18, 2008

This is one movie I re-commend to all viewers who love a nail biting, spine tickling thriller.

The movie takes us through a cat and mouse chase between a defense lawyer (Nick Nolte) and his Client (Robert De Niro).

The Client feels he was denied a just trial in a rape case as his lawyer didn't go out and defend him with fairness. So when he is out, he is on a mission to make the lawyer pay and learn about what real loss can be !

The movie has an amazing background score which is enough to give the viewers goosebumps and look over their backs !

The movie is pretty fast paced and has fabulous performances by the protagonists.

One can only feel pity for the poor Nolte who is faced by a formidable opponent in De Niro !

De Niro sure knows how to arouse rage and repulsion in the viewer !

Google tells me that the movie has had a 1962 version too where in Gregory Peck plays the protagonist. Now, that's interesting considering the minuscule role offered to him in this one !

Apart from "The Departed" and now "Cape Fear", I haven't seen any of Scorsese's other works. However, after watching this bonanza, I am looking forward to his "Aviator".

I shall keep this review short as the real essence of the movie lies in the performances and a spectacular climax ! Go watch it !


Mr BS said...

I have seen quite a few of his work and I think Martin Scorsese's a brilliant director. And it always helps when you have v good actors like Robert De Niro or a Di Caprio acting in most of them..

From the other movies that he has directed, Taxi Driver, Good Fellas and Aviator are worth a watch too.

All Talk and No Action said...

@mr BS -
True..a good actor makes it easier for the director...

I am very much looking fwd to watching the aviator...a frnd gifted me a dvd u know :)

piyela said...

You have to watch goodfellas... in mafia/crime movies... its just come below Godfather....

All Talk and No Action said...

@piyela -

Yups. I do have that on my list.