All Talk and No Action Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Now this is certainly getting on my nerves !

We do not need celebrities like her to poke their noses in such issues.

We have had enough already - too much bloodshed, thousands of crores down the drain, barbarism and more !

The last thing we need is a bewakoof writer shooting her mouth off on such a sensitive issue !

What's surprising is that Intelligent people from the Media like A. Aiyar , Vir Sanghavi and the likes are supporting this move too…

Their suggestion is based on the premises of human rights, freedom of choice, better use of defense budget, fairness and upright actions by a Democratic Nation.

Kashmiris should be given ample freedom to decide their fate. Aiyar has gone on to suggest that we might be colonising the Valley in the name of patriotism and selfish interests.

Sanghvi says we have accorded Kashmir a special status that no other state enjoys...given them all we could - all comforts, rights, financial luxury, etc...Still, they do NOT think of themselves as One of Us...So let them go...

Hmmm...Food for thought ?

I say - Bull Shit !

Never did I expect such highly inflammable, insensitive and atrocious remarks by people I had come to admire ! (Maybe I need to look hard at my idols ! )

Give Kashmiris Freedom? Space? Separate Identity? Solace? Basically a break from us??

Crap !

No, I am not saying this as a proud, egoistic Indian's laments, who shall get hurt if this event ever materialised !

I am talking as a sensible Indian who knows how stupid it is to think on such lines.

Vir asks what is it that we can do more to make Kashmiris feel One with us...?

I say - Scrap Article 370 ! Yes, this article has become a death noose now.

Aiyar says that Kashmiris want to break free - I say yes, they want to break free from the violence that has been plaguing them since 2 decades.

Just why do we need article 370 which accords a special status to J&K?

Our government provides 100% financial aid to the state...something unheard of in other states (generally Central Govt. finances 20% of State Budgets).

Kashmir has one of the richest, most educated populace in the country. The state has abundance of natural resources (untapped !)

We have spent billions on defence to protect this state and its people.

In short, the state is Apni Marzi ka Maalik...Why so?

Why not allow Indians to buy property in the state, set up schools, engage in businesses ? Why keep people to people exchanges minimal?

It is this lack of touch and inclusiveness that is responsible for they feeling outsiders ! Article 370 does NOT help our has only spoilt the cause !

Also, it would be foolish to think that an Independent Kashmir would bring an end to our problems. China has already spread its clutches in the N/E and it shall only be a matter of time before they come knocking for Arunachal, Assam and the sister states.

Southern States shall follow suit and ask for autonomous Tamil, Malayali and other such states. Punjab ke Sikh kyun door rahen...Bangladesh ki Bengali bhi maange karenge...

Bingo ! There goes your nation... now divided into bits and pieces ! Is this your idea of a United India??

Last, I call this line of thought inflammable & insensitive as it could have far reaching impact on our Armed Forces ! Is this what they have been fighting for since Independence? Sacrificing easy lifestyles? Laying down their lives for thankless people??

In a country like ours, where people wear their hearts on their sleeves, such statements shall ignite fires we do not want !

I found sane voices in Aditi Ray and IndiaUnbound and wish more people came forward to trash such ludicrous suggestions.


Dhawal Shah said...

Absolutely, I appreciate our PM, who is very calm and patient, Had I been the PM, I would have done the following (step-wise):

1. Secure Borders
2. Restore Peace, Law and Order in the Valley
3. Boost revenue from tourism and other industries, enforce property laws
4. Make the army more accountable
5. If there are any anti-India activities, simply invade Pakistan.

Now that Parvez Musharraf has resigned, Pakistan to me is like alien land, no man's territory. Attack Pakistan, if USA can invade Afghanistan for somewhat evidence of Osama, what stops us.

War of Terror begins and ends with Pakistan.


All Talk and No Action said...

@Dhawal Shah -

Nowhere have I praised our PM. On the contrary, I feel he hasn't helped the cause at all !

Steps mentioned by you are very "text bookish". Wish life was as simple !

Dhawal Shah said...

There are no more bright ideas, its the execution.
Lets discuss that new NGO which you have neen talking about.

Also, one more thought by Adam Smith is that when goods dont cross borders, armies will. India and Pakistan should trade more often.

Business with its power to lobby, will make sure that its commercial interests are not affected due to political ones.

india unbound said...

@ All Talk and No Action

A very good logical article on the issue. Unfortunately, most of the articles otherwise on Kashmir now a days are more of passion than reason.

@Dhawal Shah

I agree that trade relations can improve Indo Pak relations. But we are facing a chicken and egg situation here. India insists that Trade should increase so that relations improve wheras Pakistan believes that we cannot have good trade relations unless our disputes are resolved.

Zeus said...

ur right ... my latest article on the blog is covering the very same issue ... its an insane thing ... politics mixed with religion is killing this country and especially this state ...