All Talk and No Action Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Finally, the Pak Army's Poster Boy has called it a day !

There's not much what we can rejoice about since the man had stopped influencing any cross country initiatives/dialogues. Not that he was of help earlier too.

What I am trying to assess is how a man of his credentials held an important office for so long. A man with dubious principles…a fanatic who helped foster terrorism…

Yes, Pakistan did receive billions in aid and the US hailed praises on Mush. However, I don't see any substantial change in perception of Pakistan by the US or International Community. If anything, Mush only worsened the economic crises and international relations a la Karzai.

Moreover, one only feels disgusted with this whole incident of resignation and getting an easy asylum in Saudi. The blind support that he garnered is loathsome.

Though Uncle Sam declined political asylum to him, they still hold him as a "sincere" ally against terrorism..! Wow !

An arrogant man, someone without any remorse over his actions and policies had an easy exit ! Will the people who suffered during his regime ever get a chance to get even?

No. I don't think so.

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