All Talk and No Action Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I have been working with an NGO called Anmol.

It's a project for girls at risk - basically all street girls, runaways, orphans, etc.

Anmol has an in-house residential facility for girls aged 5-18. These are sent to local schools and taught various vocational skills that shall fetch them income after they decide to move on.

Apart from this they also conduct street classes at Wadala & CST and provide in house counseling for emotional development of girls.

Anmol organises Diwali Fest every year.

This year the event is slated for Saturday, October 25.

This shall be a full day event with various games, activity and food stalls being put up by Girls of Anmol. There shall be free lunch and evening snacks for the crowd.

Magician's Shows and various Dance performances have also been arranged for entertainment value for little girls and all guests.

Various NGOs that work with girls shall be present with their volunteers and wards in full throng.

We are expecting a crowd of 1800 for the Diwali Celebrations.

This year, the guest list includes Priya Dutt, Eknath Gaikwad, Renuka Chowdhary & Teesta Setalvad. We have also had Boman Irani, Raageshwari, Perizaad Zorabian and M.N. Singh adorn the event in the past.

What's special about Diwali Dhamaka 2008?

Anmol has chosen to expose the girls to a whole range of career options that they might not have heard of. Some might have aspired to achieve but had no direction.

Some of the careers that Anmol will focus on are Teaching, Nursing, Call Center Executives, Tailoring and Fashion Designing, Computers, Clerical work, data entry operators, cooking and bakery.

The aim is not to just pass them information. But to help with the goal setting. So any interested girl can be helped to evaluate what she needs to do to achieve her dream. In the process, Anmol will offer all the adequate support that she might require.

We have contacted a few PR agencies and have been assured of regional media coverage for pre and post event activities.

Please help spread word about this noble activity and help make this Diwali a true Fest of Lights !

Cheers !

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