All Talk and No Action Friday, October 24, 2008

Indians are often spoilt for choice when it comes to festivals.

At any given point of time, there are more than 5 holidays in a month across various states for various festivals/birth anniversaries, etc. apart from Sundays !

However, Diwali tops the list for me. It always has. Always Will.

I absolutely love the fest of lights. There is an abundance of love, lights and mirth in air.

This is that time of the year when people come together, forgetting their differences and sharing the spirit of the festival with family and friends.

Moreover, in our pursuit for instant success and fame, Diwali reminds us that good, old fashioned values, time with family, laughs with friends are the only moments one shall cherish and take away.

Rest are transient.

Yesterday was my parents' 25th Engagement Anniversary and we celebrated it in our style - a cosy dinner for the whole family at our favourite restaurant.

It was absolutely amazing to hear them recount how they had met, their engagement and the pre wedding months.

My dad was quite a Shayar it seems...having written loads & loads of letters. Mom on the other hand was reticent and shy to resppond.

The story I love the best is - My dad had gone to see my mom with his family.

While the two families sat in the drawing room getting to know each other, my eldest Maami (For the un-initiated, my Mom's Eldest Brother's Wife) came along with a tray of tea and snacks.

As luck would have it - she slipped and fell into my Dad's lap !!!

While my Dad and Maami turned red with embarrassment, it was and still is the most memorable and laughable moment shared by both the families !

I still tease my dad saying that God spared him since I didn't witness such an event. For all I know, I would have laughed my head out and irritated him to death !

On this note, have a great weekend and and a pulsating countdown to a Fiery Festival !


Diwali Greetings and Wishes said...

Ye manzilen !! said...

Deewali mubarak ho saab.....may u find more time to volunteer for Anmol!

Yogesh said...

Hey, at last the first comment that you were waiting for ...

Wish your parents a Happy Anniversary (engagement) from my side.

And also Happy Diwali to you and to your family.

All Talk and No Action said...

@ye manzilen -
Thank you !! :)

@Yogesh - Oh my my...hum dhanya ho gaye !

Thank you n wish u a very happy Diwali too !

Yuvraj said...

now it seems ur mom has become bold...she doesn't seems to be shy story...

All Talk and No Action said...

@Yuvraj -
Hahahaha :)
True, she has come into her own now !

Namrata said...

i am laughing in office.. I wonder what people around are thinking..
i can also imagine u laughing there..... and i can imagine u being in place of ur maami too... i wish jo kudda anshu ko dekhne aye aur tu tray leke jaye and the same scene... waoowww!!! and ya i want to watch the show :)

beti aisi ho to maa ko bold hona hi padega na!!!

Yuvraj said...


I agree with u...
but she is only good at talking and not in Action...