All Talk and No Action Thursday, October 9, 2008

Amit's guide to losing a guy.

Made for an interesting read. Also gave me a peek into what goes on in a man's head.

Would love to hear from other guys and know their 2 cents on this...


BS... said...

Dont you think you satisy (ALMOST) all the conditions tat guys cant stand?? :D

Stupidosaur said...

Umm not really.

I may like a girl who laughs, sometimes for that very reason.

Emotive cow, quite a turn off.

The Disinclined irritant : cant beleive such girl would exist by default. Scenario would turn so only if there are some underlying issues with the guy.

The Too much Career oriented: Umm can both guy and girl go for higher studies together? Two of my friends did, and got married to each other mid studies. Still studying. I guess if the guy is comparatively a loser, he will break into a sweat like mentioned.

The tee-hee-hee and The Heroine: Might seem cute in moderation when natural.

Lady in charge : well it might relieve the guy of responsibilities sometimes. It may get irritating to 'take care' of the girl 24 7. Shes not a child anyways. If she is, anyways the guy is in trouble.


Letting the guy in on family matters may be bonding. Though of course not if guy is always snub mid of his family talk,

I guess we can't pass absolute judgements. It depends on the guy and sum total of everything you are.

So people, there's still hope

Ye manzilen !! said...

We are complicating things by digging deeper and not finding a right answer. I think we go back to basic.....In my case the non-negotiable items are:

1: You lie and its over. Cant sleep with a lier....
2: Humor: a ability to laugh and enjoy humor a MUST here.
3: Sensitive:
4: Idealistic/Liberal mindset
5: Potential to be a good mom.

Beauty, religion, money, power, education and crap like that is negotiable!

Ye manzilen !! said...

BTW when I say mom, I did not mean my mom! (OMG,I am bad!)

Dhawal Shah said...

Any guy that knows that a girl is not interested, would simply drop the thought / idea. I dont think any guy has the time to persue something that may not necessarily happen.

All Talk and No Action said...

@bs -
Yes, I agree :D

@stupidosaur -
Am sure womankind would be glad to know this !
Gives us some breathing space to be ourselves.

@Ye Manzilen -
:D that's a not so difficult list. Hope you do find such a partner...

@Dhawal -
The point here is not about being interested/turning down proposals.
It's more about what men and women like in each other...

PsW said...

Many won't mind a gal who laughs without reason IF her smile is good enuf :-)

Anyway, I don't there's a golden list for such things..Likes and dislikes are individual view-points..

All Talk and No Action said...

@PsW -
Nectar for one is poison for another.