All Talk and No Action Monday, November 10, 2008

Have been wanting to get back to Yoga since ages now...

I used to practice Yoga while in college...but somehow got busier (with lesser important things) as days went by.

Swami Ramdev is someone I have come to like and appreciate. His idea of "getting the basics right" sounds very meaningful to me.

So this Diwali, (yeah Diwali again!) I went ahead and gifted myself couple of his DVDs !!

And guess what?! I have started practicing Yoga again ! :)

Now, this might sound absurd to a few. Ok, Started with Yoga. What's the big Deal??

For me, it is.

Overcoming my inborn love for laziness has never been easy !

Anyway, the reason for this post, apart from Self Praise is...when I exclaimed my happiness to a friend, he was surprised.

"Yoga? You? Why? Suddenly?? Err...Nothing...It's just that people our age don't practice Yoga...At least I don't know any !"

This set me thinking. As in, is there a "right" age for things "worth doing"?

From what I have known, anything worthwhile is worth doing now! Why do we have future dates set for the most important things??

A call to a friend...Kal..aaj thak gaye hain...

Play with your pet...baad mai....sir dard kar raha hai...
A hearty laugh with family...Oh No ! Project submission par kaam karne do !

I remember the words of a Chief Guest we had over in College. He had served in the Army and gave us some of the most insightful thoughts.

He said, people often set aside time for things that would evidently bring them happiness and peace.

Often, most Hindus would turn to reading religious scriptures like The Gita, Bhagvatam, Mahabharata only once they were well into their final years. Once they were ready to Bid Adieu to the world.

What most people failed to realise is that these scriptures taught us how to live !
So what good would they be if read when we are a few years away from death??

Could we go back and undo our actions?

Now, had I been the person I was a few years back, I would probably have bored this friend to death with talks on morality, religion, on what's good and bad for him.

Not anymore.

I can only hope that if he is reading this, it registers in his head this time round... :)


Namrata said...

I agree... the right to start anything is right now!! yeah we can make any number of excuses but the fact is when we do these things that we love the most even at the cost of our sleep (look who is speaking :) ) we tend to be less tired and more happy... Like the 2 instances when i came to sunday friends... i was really so happy and then took help of these stupid reasons... anyways glad to c u in this mode!!! long way to go.. pertinacious lady!

ARJuna said...

First of all, congratulations...i know how hard it is to overcome the mountain of lazyness and begin doing something you really wanted to do.
Next, even i dont get it why we indians categorize everything acoording to age?Why do we try to be so organized, and in the process give up on something that would have given us the utmost joy-only b'coz it does not suit our age?

BS.. said...

oh my my !!!
the "all talk no action" gal is becoming "all action no talk" gal?? ;)

btw, enlighten us with ur experiences with yoga too once in a while.. :)

India Unbound said...

It seems our religious scriptures have taught you about life. Can you elaborate what have you learnt from our scriptures ?

All Talk and No Action said...

@Namrata -
Thank You :)

@Arjuna - ya..laziness...can be quite a trouble maker :)
and true about compartmentalising our lives...a right time to stay, right time to get married, right time to have kids, blah blah blah...

@BS - trying allll my very best to get into action mode :) As and when I progress with Yoga, I shall fill in you guys...

@India Unbound - I didn't go to any scriptures to start practising Yoga...Yoga, these days, falls into "Common Sense" & "Healthy Living" Category...