All Talk and No Action Friday, November 14, 2008

Livemint has covered Pankhudi's Bangalore chapter here.

I am glad to be associated with Pankhudi's Mumbai Chapter.

It's an amazing experience to teach slum kids. Their energy, enthusiasm and interest levels are infectious !

At the Mumbai Centre weekend classes are held and about 40 kids are taught English and Maths (these kids belong to Hindi & Marathi medium schools).

Apart from Padhai-likhai, we also hold picnics, creative arts, Science Camps and other such sessions for the Kids.

Most Volunteers are working professionals who devote weekends for the betterment of the Bachha Party.

For more info on Pankhudi please go here

If anyone would like to be a part of Pankhudi Family please let me know OR register online and we shall get back to you.

You could also help by holding Music, Creative Arts, Games and other such sessions.

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