All Talk and No Action Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh Wake Up You Lazy Bone...You have avoided this for tooo long now !


No Ifs and Buts anymore ! Just what's happened to you? Just a few days back things were looking pretty good to me ! The Stats were good, the mood was upbeat, praises were being hailed ! So what's wrong now?

Ya, I will get back to it...for now just let me enjoy "Friends" ! You know how hooked I have got...! As in, its the first time I have started watching the series. I was soo wrong ! These are lovable characters...You know, the other day Chandler was...

Haan Haan baba....Don't bore me with your Friends Mania...This is no "real" reason !

Ok, I got your point ! But I need a BREAK ! I ain't no machine !

But you were always a chatter-box and have always liked doing this! No body's ever forced you, right?

Yes, no one ever has. But you know, right....?!

Know what?!


Speak up you dodo !

Expectations !

But why bother lady? They have always been there and will always be ! Its rather good that people are expecting good stuff from you !

Yeah..but sometimes, just sometimes, it does get to you ! One reader said I should bring more humour to my blog (as if I am a David Dhawan), another wants me to cover "Grass-Root" issues (Why doesn't he just go to and another one feels I should get more personal and write about my dreams and ambitions and observations and blah blah...

So where does that leave me?

So what's this cribbing all about? Consider them as important ideas for your posts and get on with it.

But that's not what I want! It's MY BLOG and I ain't here to cover issues other people want me to.

I want to write when I feel like it and on what I deem important.

Yes, but what's wrong with pleasing your readers every once in a while?

Nothing wrong. But there has to be a line drawn somewhere. Every now and then there is a blogger who has fallen into this trap. I started blogging as an outlet for myself. So why please others?

Oh come on ! You do love it when these very readers read and comment. Don't You? Wouldn't you miss their critical inputs?

Ya. You are right...But..So..But you have seen bloggers fall into this trap ! Just coming out with fillers. Just to increase their "Hit" Count !

I don't want to do that.

How Profound !But do you realise that your past few posts are just that - Fillers !

No ! I have discussed some important issues in there !

Oh yaa...Diwali Dhamakas and your Tiny Winy Tidbits !! More important than Global Warming eh?!

Oh now that's being mean ! Aamir writes a "Hello, I am back" and whoa that's a post with 3062 comments !!

Wow ! Now the lady is comparing herself with The Aamir Khan ?!!

Noo. I mean yeah. Technically at least. We are both bloggers !!

What about your dream of a Blogatheon? You told me you wanted that very much !

Oh please, if you observe, there has been an increase in my monthly count !

You call this stuff Blogging? You might as well stop then !

No. Stop I won't ! I love it. It's just that I want it at my pace and in my way...

Stop whining. Just get your funda right lady. Blog, and blog more. To please yourself and sometimes your readers. Cover stuff close to your mind and heart. But every once in a while do give in to pleasing your readers.

Just see how you shall be rewarded :)

Hmm....Yeah...maybe I should practice "Detachment" and perform my Karma...You see as Krsna puts it...

Noooo !!! Don't start with another one of your philosophical bouts ! Just write ! ok??

Oh yeah...I am fine now ! In fact, I already have 5 posts lined up...all in drafts :)

So?!!! Why weren't you posting?

Oh just wanted to make my point...get it out of my see...

Ok Ok...! I got it ! Now get back to posting, will ya?!


Ye manzilen !! said...

......and Mukta ka photo? Acchi bacchi hai u must give her more coverage Ma'm!

BS.. said...

Reading your blog for the last 2-3 weeks was like reading a book called "Learn to say Happy Diwali in 100 ways" :P

btw humor and david dhawan???You think David Dhawan (or his movies) are actually humorous ???
God Bless You and the person who suggested that your blog needs some humour!! :)

All Talk and No Action said...

@ye manzilen -
I shall give my pics a miss for now :)

@bs -
yes...since Diwali is my most FAVE Fest...goes w/o saying that my blog should show some % of the excitement I felt.. :)
I think a LOT of Dhawan's movies in the past have been very humorous...
Though now they seem like a drag...