All Talk and No Action Tuesday, December 16, 2008

While we shopped at the Causeway and other gullies of Colaba, I made bookings for the Bar-be-que Nation at Bandra.

A group of 8 were looking forward to meeting Edwina and I had been entrusted with the responsibility of making reservations.

Now, for the uninitiated, Bar-be-que is one place which can house only about 100 people. So if you can't make for the time reserved, you shall have to contend with waiting queues which can extend for more than 2 hours.

I was told by a lady attendant that the latest we would be expected to reach would be 7.45 ! After that, they would give away our table !

No amount of cajoling made her budge. She seemed pretty forthright and un-apologetic !

Now, you better serve as rocking a meal as the attitude you have thrown at me Lady, I mumbled to myself !

Boy ! The scene looked pretty different on our arrival !

Bar-be-que Nation is situated at Pali Hill, Khar. The place was bustling with families and couples when we arrived.

A very placed, well lit place it is ! The seating too was very comfortable with cushions for our support.

We were greeted by courteous and energetic staff who were always quick to respond. The place has AC & Non-AC seating arrangements. Going by the constant clatter of the crockery and the staff who kept from running into each other the place was definitely busier than I had been warned.

Bar-be-que Nation serves Buffet worth Rs.500/- per person.

The starters include 5 Veg and NonVeg items each accompanied with sizzlers.

You can also select drinks from a wide variety of mocktails, cocktails and Indian traditional drinks.

You are offered unlimited starters followed by a sumptuous buffet and mouth watering sweets.

Every table has arrangements for mini pits and the starters served are placed on a grill over the pits.

The vegetarian Menu had items like Sindh Mushrooms, Veg Falafal served with Hummus, Boiled Potatoes, Tandoori Paneer and Mixed Vegetables followed by sizzlers. I absolutely loved the Saucy Mushrooms and Falafals have always been a hot favourite too.

I was sooo engrossed with our side of the table that I hardly paid any attention to what was being munched by our Non-Vegetarian friends !

Yet, I did notice them having the famous Kebabs which is quite a rage with the Bar-Be-Que regulars.

We ordered for Drinks like Cran Coolers (Cranberry Juice mixed with Lemonade), Virgin Mary, Coke, Chocolate Crunchy Shake.

As the drinks started pouring in and the constant banter and jokes continued, we hardly realised how our platees kept getting filled without us so much as batting our eye-lids !

As said earlier, the staff was pretty enthusiastic and the vibes seemed to spread all around.

Another important stuff all restaurant staff should be aware of is knowledge, knowledge of what they serve. The attendants here were completely at ease with all dishes being served, replete with correct pronunciations and always accompanied by warm and eager smiles.

The Buffet was any Foodie's delight to say the least.

The menu included 4 types of Salads, 3 NonVeggie dishes, Mutton Biryani. The vegetarian platter included Dal, Steamed Rice, Veg. Biryani, Paneer Sufiyani, Mix Vegetable, Hakka Noodles, a vegetable made in Hong Kong style stew, Creamy Macaroni, Mushrooms, Buns, Papad and a Mixed Roti basket.

All of us had a blast while relishing the meals. Yes, some of us did lick our fingers too !

As if this wasn't enough, we were treated with some of the best deserts!

A chocolate cake, cheese cake, pine-apple cake, gulab Jamun, Phirni, Vanilla (accompanied with Chocolate and strawberry syrup), fruit plate and chocolate mousse.

Ummmm….Yummmyyy !

I had an absolutely delicious treat at the paisa vasool BN and am definitely going back with my family !

Ratings :

  • Food and presentation - 4/5
  • Ambience and D├ęcor - 4.5/5
  • Customer Service - 4/5
  • Value for Money - 4/5


Devil Incarnate said...

I hav heard lot abt bbq nation, bt never went their till nw.. seeing ur post, i made it a point 2 try it out next time i go 4 a get 2gether...... so hw was ur 2 day xploration of mumbai?????

All Talk and No Action said...

@Devil Incarnate -
Yup you should definitely take along your family IF they are foodies...In case they aren't, then spendng 500 bucks per person would sound steep...

Exploration was good...we showed her around Colaba and Bandra...

Dhawal Shah said...

I remember when I had to my hearts content at Pondicherry, I was this place called Annapurna. They serve unlimited food that includes Food includes Dosai, Idly (With oil, soot and gunpowder), Rice, Sambar, 6 types of chutneys, pyasam (sweet dish) all for Rs. 30. India seems to be truly unbound.

Wow, all this wholesome, nutritious food for a measely 30 bux. When I think I am blessed with a great appetite, I was so wrong in relative comparison.

Yeah, there are so many good (affordable) places in Mumbai, but the author seems to be simply hell bent on spending money.

Has the author considered Cafe Churchill, Basilico, Cafe Marino, Shamiana, Souk, no no no, ignorance is no longer bliss.

BTW, the Rs. 500 does not include taxes. Almost all of the desserts contain eggs.

I request to awaken the Rashmi Uday Singh and check out the several other interesting places.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Dhawal - Yup...being served with a wholesome meal at Rs. 30/- would be any foodie's delight... I shall def visit the place if and when I were to go south...

Souk? Shamiana? Either I was born yesterday...or you have a damn good humour ! Afa I know...both these belong to the 7 star category...and hence can't feature in the "paisa vasool" variety...

Also, this rashmi uday singh is very careful about the desserts she was on thorough check and confirmation that she went ahead and had a completely vegetarian meal at BBQ Nation..

Ye manzilen !! said...

Yo M
Email me at spsayed@yahoo....and say Hi please....

syedjunaid said...

We have em down in Hyderabad aswell, Really busy but a great place :P

All Talk and No Action said...

@Syed - True, busy but Yummy :)

induraja said...

we are regular customer in Chennai barbeque t.nagar.

we got a very worst bitter experience on this day (29/6/2011). we had booked one veg and one non-veg.
the starter came fish , chicken , potatoes , corn and warm along with mushroom. this warm was
deep fried with mushroom. while saw this , we shocked how we people trust this barbeque to be hygienic.
but we disappointed . we are paying 3star payment for food even though no hygiene.i kindly request to the management do not disappoint the regular customer if continue you loose us

All Talk and No Action said...

@induraja - Oh that was a bad experience! Hope you wrote it down in their feedback register.