All Talk and No Action Saturday, December 20, 2008

I hate Tattoos !!!!

I do not understand the need to get your body pierced with needles, shed blood, bear immense pain and just tell the world that you are different.

My cousin got his arm and neck tattooed yesterday and, of all things on this planet, he wanted to declare to the world, that he is a BAD BOY??!!

Rubbish !!

Spend 5000 bucks on a 2 tattoos just to show your rebellious streak?

That's an expensive declaration !

Ya, people do have various notions about money and stuff. Logic wouldn't work here. So let's leave out money.

Still, how can you allow foreign materials to ever touch your skin and remain there forever?

Again at what cost?

Infection? Allergic reactions?

Google tells me that needles, threads, ink, ashes, animal bones, dye, adhesives and a LOT more items are used to get you that desired, out of the world "look".

Phew. I don't have any arguments against tattoos apart from the fact that I love my skin as it is.

I do not need to spoil it just to show to the world that I am different.

I hate Tattoos !!!


Namrata said...

Completely agree with you on dis... Leave aside the money why the hell should someone bear all the pain that it takes to get a tatoo done... have only seen in television serials and makes no sense...

Dhawal Shah said...

One may remember a close friend of theirs who opted for a nose piercing, for the purpose of wearing jewelry, that is so painful, just for looking like Sania.


Devil Incarnate said...

Huh!!!!Tattoos, i dnt knw abt those who r sooooo much in to this fascinating (phew..!!) thing, but i totally agree with u.Even i hate tatoos, who is gonna suffer alll those pain and thibnk later, i should hav tried something else. Recently one my frnd tried tatoo in her both arms spending 8000 bucks. Now all the hype is over and she dnt want it........ wt abt the 8000 bucks then?????????

All Talk and No Action said...

@Namrata - yup...very non-sensical indeed :)

@Dhawal - Nose piercing is indeed painful. Yet, if you don't like can stop wearing the ring. Also no adhesives, ink and blood is involved in nose piercing.

@Devil - I pity your friend...Poor she :)

Dhawal Shah said...

Mukta, I was refering to you while mentioning about the nose piercing. That friend is you.

With this post, it makes me wonder, why did you go for it?

I dont fear getting shot at.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Dhawal -
I perfectly understood your comment earlier.

As mentioned earlier, nose piercing doesn't involve elaborate processes and the ring can be removed at one's will.

Also, I went for it since i LOVE it. It looks very traditional and beautiful.