All Talk and No Action Sunday, December 28, 2008

An email forward that's being dong rounds this week -

Thank you, terrorists.
In 60 blood-soaked hours, you have achieved what we as a nation haven't achieved in 60 years of independence.
Today, we want answers.
Today, we won't lie back and wait for someone else to do the job.
Today, we won't be lulled into inaction by glib talks and subterfuge.
Today we won't say "chalta hai"
Today we won't vote for goons.
Today we will not accept religion or caste or creed, just nationality.
Thank you, terrorists.
In 60 horrifyingly sickening hours, you have awoken a giant that lay asleep for 60 years of sovereignty.
Every Indian will now walk together.
Every Indian will now value his vote.
Every Indian will now demand accountability.
Every Indian will now see through lies and deceit.
Every Indian will now demand explanations.
Every Indian will now stand up to be counted.
Thank you, terrorists.
In 60 gruesome, murderous hours you've instilled a pride in us that we couldn't instill in 60 years of liberty.
You have left behind a reminder that we the people can make a difference.
You have left behind a reason to unite rather than divide.
You have left behind a nation with sheer will & intent.
You have left behind a spirit that dances to a new beat.
You have left behind a billion renewed patriotic hearts.
You have left behind a voice that will be heard.
Thank you, terrorists.
If only you'd let the innocent live & taken the lives of 200 politicians instead


ARJuna said...

A thought provoking piece of work, very touching too because coincidentally I was listening to the song "Kandhon se milte hain Kandhen" in the background. thanks for sharing this

Voices within me said...

Yep its great to be united.. but i hate the last line where it mentions about taking life of 200 politicians instead.... though at the time of the incident i also must have said stuff against the politicians... but i think lets not only blame them... Wht did we do as mumbaikars... met one day at the gateway of India and then what... Just by sending mails we arent making any difference... And i still dont see much of a difference in the attitude of people... yes we fear more now but nothing else... i have stil seen people distinguishing on castes... And even those politicians have families!!!

All Talk and No Action said...

@ARJuna - Thank you :)

@Voices - Yups, the last line wasn't convincing for me either.
Well said - India needs to fight out against a lot of ills that plague the country...and ownership lies with the people.