All Talk and No Action Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On some days, I love technology !

Like, when I read about Librarywala. This venture was covered in the Economic times under "Entrepreneur's" section. It is India's very first online library.

For book lovers like me, this is a BLISS !

An amazing khazana of kitaabein…at a monthly rental of 139/- ONLY?!

I have been through their list of books and it is pretty varied and exhaustive. Apart from bestsellers, they also have a pool of regional language literature.

They get brownie points since they deliver books within 24 hours…AND there are no late charges involved.


Now, what more could a sust like me ask for??


For people who didn't know – Mumbai festival is beginning from January 15th and shall go on till the 31st.

Lots of international movies, music, theatre, food fests, dance shows, photography and arts activities shall be showcased across various venues.

For a more detailed listing, you can go here


ARJuna said...

Thank you for bringing such a unique online service to our notice. I visited the site the collection is good, gotta try it out!!!

All Talk and No Action said...

@ARJuna - You are welcome...Anything for books :)

BS.. said...

aapne khud librarywala join ki nahin??!!