All Talk and No Action Saturday, March 21, 2009

Scorching heat.

Wet and clingy shirts.

Trickling beads of perspiration.

Bottled water warmed by the incessant sun rays.

A table, 2 chairs, a pen, a register and a "jama peti" for company.

Surprising stares and the "Tchs Tchs".

Rude customers and ruder comments....

A "temporary" arrangement on a pavement.

Three months and still counting...

The above is the sorry state that the Airtel service centre employees have been in since the last three months.

The service centre in my area has shifted to another area for bigger and better premises.

While the room is under renovation, the 3 employees have put up their table and chairs on a road !

Day in and day out they tick off customers from the register on receiving payments.

No computers/telephones to ease their burden.

No washroom/restaurant in sight too.

To top it all, the guys and the lone girl have to put up with a string of badgering customers and caustic remarks -

Vodafone ki gallery dekhi hai aapne?... BPL wale kitne ash-o-aaram dete hain employees ko... sirf achhi Ads banane se kya hota hai?... Airtel ki nazron mai yehi keemat hai tumhaari?... Rent par ek kamra nahi le sakti Airtel?...Aakhir tum log kab tak garmi mai sadte rahoge?...

and so the questions continue...

And so does the wait for a newly furnished room decked with technology and air-conditioners...

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