All Talk and No Action Thursday, March 12, 2009

That's what I was, am and probably shall always be called.

I can NOT venture out of the house without a book/newspaper/magazine and all other such variations.

The smell of the pages, the style of the written word, the thoughts expressed within have always enticed me.

Give me a book and I can stay shut for hours.

Also, I absolutely have to read a few words before calling it a day.

One friend calls it an OCD -
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I don't mind being tagged so.

Books have definitely been one amongst my
bestest friends.

Infact, very few things have the power to urge me to dole out money. In normal parlance, I may be called a Kanjus.

But today, after a long time, I actually set out and spent money willingly...

Toh hua yun
, ki while traveling back home, my eyes caught the myriad titles that were being sold by a road side vendor.

Amazing bestsellers, thought provoking non-fiction and some cheesy stuff too.

What I couldn't believe was that each book was being sold at a measly 60/- bucks !!

From Ed De Bono's commentaries on creativity to Jonathan Randal's coverage of Osama to aapro Obama's Audacity Of Hope the range was dense !

Now this was tooo good a deal to let go of !

So, there I stood, skimming through all possible titles and grabbing books hungrily.

Finally I shortlisted and bought three books -

  • The White Tiger - Arvind Adiga
  • The Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell
  • Osama - Jonathan Randal
Phew, I do feel bad for these authors as such flooding by cheap copies must be costing them their well earned royalties.

But I guess, that's a topic for another post !

Filhaal, am all excited and raring to devour my purchases.

I have been reading Manreet Sodhi Someswar's "Earning The Laundry Stripes" already and now have started Osama too.

Hopefully, I shall do a review of the books once I am done with them.


What's in a name? said...

Wtf...u got "The White Tiger" for 60 bucks and I got it for 395 and to top it all, I had gone to the shop to buy something else and bought this book...

Any which ways kinda nice book – no regrets (and yeah I know grapes are sour)

All Talk and No Action said...

@What's in a name - Hahahahahahahahaha.....
It's coz of people like You ki authors ki kamai ho jaati hai...
Well Done :)

BS.. said...


koi 395 barbaad karta hain ek novel par...koi 60 bucks...

apun ka scene sabse sahi hain...aap book lenge toh apun ko toh FREE mein milega padhne novels..Thanks Madame.. ;)

Dhawal Shah said...

White Tiger is another Slumdog type of story, also, I would have given the book to you, I bought it from Hudson News, Seattle for USD 14.99 (What to do, did not plan, well) and here it is for Rs. 60, why didnt you purchase John Grisham's Associate, I need some John Grisham authored books, you have any???

All Talk and No Action said...

@BS - Jo books par kharch karne ko paise "barbaad" karna samjhe...hum unke saath books share nahi karte :)

@Dhawal - I couldn't wait to buy the book...also want to focus on "quality" stuff rather than popular fiction for some time now...

No Grisham books at home...

ashkd said...

first time someone writing herself a kitabhi keeda... hehe... nice self actualisation.. :P

All Talk and No Action said...

@ashkd - yaa...i feel proud of being one :)

AND now that you have called me a self actualized soul, I want alll of my friends to hear n read it !! Hope this shall put to rest the argument ! :D

ashkd said...

waise i got to read "The white Tiger in 30 bucks.. got from the library.. hehe.. i liked it and QnA as well.. :-)

post another post giving link to my comment and the whole world would know that you are self actualised.. hehe..

All Talk and No Action said...

@ashkd - 30 bucks !! Wow...But i get to own and keep a copy for 60 :)

I have heard that white tiger is very much like the slumdog/q&a..

The idea to write a new post linking your comment is v v tempting ! :)