All Talk and No Action Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tomorrow might not be like previous years.

I shall miss my sister Anshu. She is back to her hometown after staying with us while studying.

Both of us love this fest of water and colours and always had a blast during celebrations.

The day always started with lots of excitement and anticipation.

Mukund and Anshu would often team up and make sure I would be the first one to be thrown off balance with truckloads of water and all the colours.

Fir aati Mummy, Papa aur Chotu ki baari. Baari baari sab ko gulal lagaya jaata.

With my mom, it's very formal...just "shagun" ke liye, since she hates colours.

But with Papa, it's the exact opposite ! He loves to play Holi and has always been a favourite amongst relatives for his cheerful celebration of the festivities...

Even as kids, when Mukund and I weren't allowed to venture out on Holi, lest we be thrown in water drums and spoil our skins with oil colours, we satiated our desires by using the
pichkaari aur balloons on Papa.

As we grew, I always invited my closest friends for a Holi celebration to my house.

It was an annual function which we all looked forward to !

Lots of water, music, Colours followed by a sumptuous meal and lots of sweets prepared by my mom.

So much was our fascination and love for the festival that after the day was well spent and all were supposedly clean and bathed - we prided on the pink and red hues that covered our skin and hair.

Jiska rang pheeka pada, usne Holi kheli hi nahi !

Holi also reminds me of a very close friend, one I have known and grown with since the age of three and the one who today refuses to see me.

Lack of time is her reasoning.

Lack of inclination is my retort.

It's strange, how in this age of hi-fi technology, cell phones, instant messengers, networking sites and VoiP, people can't "manage" to keep in touch.

I say, it's not technology that makes the twain meet. It's the bond, the love.

Anyway, I hope if there are people you have kept waiting - the time to end the wait is now !

Go out, celebrate, play, chill out with your near and dear ones.

!!! Happy Holi !!!

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