All Talk and No Action Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sunday Friends is an organization that I volunteer for.

They teach slum kids of Sion-Koliwada and also have food distribution drives.

However, they are the best known NGO in Mumbai for their Blood & Skin Donation camps.

Having won several awards from the Mayor and many other accolades, their blood donation camps are something to look out for.

Kisi Kumbh ke mele jitni rush hoti hai :)

They are now organising their 28th Blood Donation Camp on Sunday, 7th June 2009 at Ram Wadi, Matunga Market, Mumbai.

So, if you are keen on doing some bit for Society... please do go ahead and join this drive.

You can learn more about other initiatives of SF here.


Anonymous said...

hey sounds like a nice initiative and nice NGO also....i hope one day i will join one!!!...good work and all the best.... :)

ashkd said...

Great yaar.. keep doing such things.. God bless you.. :-)

wish the initiative gets millions of hands..

All Talk and No Action said...

@allthecrap - Thank You :)
Wish you join some soon too...

@ashkd - Thank you for the blessings!