All Talk and No Action Saturday, September 19, 2009

While I was on a break, I managed to start and complete a whole lot of books. Now, one of the best books I have read in recent times is Obama's Audacity Of Hope. If, this book has been written by the man himself (no help from ghost authors), then, I am glad that an intelligent man is leading the US. The book has chapters dedicated to race, religion, faith, politics, family, etc. It's a very honest account and holds some gems for all politics and humanities enthusiasts. While Obama talked about the US, I couldn't help drawing parallels between India & The US. The book makes you realise that people across various cultures are essentially the same. Also, I would suggest you keep a dictionary handy if you plan to read this book.

Then, I managed to squeeze in Kaminey into my busy schedule of sleeping, eating and reading. Anybody who thinks the movie was a giant leap for Bollywood... feel free to contact me for "Free Punches". Over a round of fist fights and kicks I would be happy to ruminate on the florious fheme, fabulous facting and famazing ferfomances.

Also, I loved "India's Got Talent". It made me very very very happy to see my favourite group - Prince Dance Group to win the coveted prize. I felt bad about Rajesh Amrale - the Mallakhamb guy. I thought, apart from his drive, finesse and commitment to Mallakhambh, he had a fabulous smile too :)

I have this new found love for reading short stories. Charlie Fish is a great author and I suggest you read his collection online. His style and themes are very good and the best thing is that you might miss the whole point if you don't "really read" ! I absolutely love his "Death by Scrabble".

About Friends, I am on the final few episodes of Season 10. Apart from Monica (because of Chandler), I think the second luckiest person amongst the six friends is Phoebe. She has a steal in the form of Mike !! I am sad as the series is coming to an end. Watching the show has been quite an experience. Needless to say, Chandler is the most perfect guy ever. Really. Ever.

If you are from Mumbai, do try out 5 Spice, if you haven't had a chance yet. Its a Chinese Restaurant and serves Chinese, Thai and other Asian cuisines. Now they claim that they serve the most authentic Chinese Food. Please, don't fall for it. But apart from that, I absolutely love the place - the ambience, the service and the Food !! Absolutely Yummy. What's more, they are a real steal - four people can easily devour what is meant for two.


Anonymous said...

sadly i don't read books which require me to keep dictionary handy...:(

waise about 5spice...I have been to town wala branch and I thought food was just awesome..obviously it was indian chinese...I went to andheri wala 5spice yesterday eve only...:D

Awesome food again ...and we had 1 starter 1 rice and 1 gravy between 3 ppl and a dessert....and plenty of food was left...solid quantity hai....Have u tried there desserts..mission impossible and death by chocolate?...too good!!!

Best chinese food in the town...I prefer this one over mainland china.


All Talk and No Action said...

@allthecrap - Try Obama, am sure you will be impressed !

5 Spice is Fab ! I have been to the Bandra & Saki Naka Outlets. Lovely ambiance ! Yup, I love their desserts...laajawab !

And yeah - Indian Chinese is anyday better than Chinese Chinese :)

What's in a name? said...

You still finishing are no late my friend....the show ended like a million years ago, people felt sad and now that they are coming to terms with it, you are reminding them of Phoebe and her gang again... :-(

and yeah 5 spice is good...get to eat there from a lot these days in office...

All Talk and No Action said...

@what's in a name - I know!! I am late. and am very very sad, I will miss Chandler!! :(

5 Spice - Bandra and Saki Naka ka khaya hai maine...too good in terms of food as well as ambiance.

Btw, do try out Audacity of Hope. You will like it :)