All Talk and No Action Sunday, October 11, 2009

The girl beamed at her card. She was the first in the family to have it made.

Then, her eyes fell on them

And...her heart sank...

Name - Mahalakshmy Gopalswamy

Father's Name - Gopalswamy Mahalakshmy ???

DOB - xx/xx/1986 (Now, what does xx/xx mean?? The year was wrong too !)

Address - Ok, apart from the flat number...everything was wrong !

Phew, she thanked her stars that at least the picture was hers and she could still do her bit !!


She and her husband felt happy to have got a card finally !!

But again, nothing, means nothing, was right about their cards. Thank God for the picture !

Her husband Anthony, was now rechristened as Enthunio.


He had applied earlier. The attempt wasn't successful. Now with all the hoopla surrounding online registration, he tried once again.

They replied within a few days -

Application Rejected !
This is to inform you that your application has been rejected. Reason - Duplicate Application !!

What??? So you wont give me a Voter's Card because I had applied for it earlier too???

Besharami ki bhi hadd hoti hai, or so he thought.


So, the above are a few instances of pain that my friends and colleagues had to go through.

All they had wanted was to vote.


Btw, a colleague told me why such things happened.

Most of us apply for Voter's Cards in English.

Now, our conscientiousGovernment, ever so concerned about its people, decided to create employment here.

So, our English Applications were translated into Marathi Applications using a translating software !

Ahh now, our Marathi Data Entry Operators, used their skills to re-type the converted information back to English.

Achha achha....So this is how Anthony became Enthunio ??

Ok. I get it.

No problem at all. Employment is a good thing really.

Never mind, if some of us get new names, addresses, birth dates and new daddies too.

Jai Maharashtra !


Anonymous said...

well I have the voter card and voted in almost all the election since my name figured in da list...I voted in loksabha election as well..but it seems now my name has been removed from the list...:(..have to check on tuesday if i can vote....our system is pathetic..dats why most ppl dont wanna vote....sadly!!!

All Talk and No Action said...

@allthecrap - Sorry about that :(

Ya, I won't blame the people...Sometimes we are just forced to behave in a way...

I hope you do end up voting...

ashkd said...

the no. of posts on your blogs clearly show how much you have missed blogger. :P keep writing.. :-)

Anonymous said...



All Talk and No Action said...

@ashkd - Yes, blogger was sorely missed :-) But I enjoyed the break while it lasted

@allthecrap - Great ! Me too :-)