All Talk and No Action Saturday, October 10, 2009

I don't know if the pictures truly show how beautiful these pieces actually looked today morning.

I am not a good shopper at all. Mostly, avoid it.

However, Diwali and all things related to the festival make me ecstatic.

So aaj, Meri Mata Shri aur mai kuch Silverware khareedne nikle...

Most of the above pieces have been made by Craftsmen from Kolkata.

The intricate designs and the finesse made the pieces look so pretty and delicate !!

Phew...So much talent in India.


ashkd said...

Beautiful!!! you contribution to india's consumption is all visible here.. :-)

ARJuna said...

I understand your joy at the sight of these silverware articles...sometimes the lens fails to capture the beauty that our eyes behold!!!

All Talk and No Action said...

@ashkd - Haha so true. Diwali shopping toh ek must hai...then whether you buy truckloads or just 1's a good shagun to buy :-)

@ARJuna - So true !!
There were wares from Delhi, Rajasthan too. All very pretty and royal :-)

Dhawal Shah said...

where did you get it from?