All Talk and No Action Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Proposal
I am a sucker for Romantic Comedies. To top it all, this one had Sandra - who generally brings lots of style and genuineness to most roles. Yet, when the credits rolled for this one, I felt un-satiated. The movie just hadn't clicked with me.

Someone Like You
Hugh Jackman... A RomCom…? Purrffeect !!! But I tell you - this is one of those very stupid and pointless and meaningless and lifeless movies which you should stay away from. The why's and the how's and the whens of why the protagonists fell in love is a mystery I am still unable to solve ! Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Breakfast at Tiffany's
Oh yeah. Audrey Hepburn. The one name most Miss Universe/World finalists spew in their answers. However, I beg to differ. Now if you are an Audrey fan, please read no further since I am about to tell you all that I slept off during this classic. I know, I know !! How could I?? BaT is one of the most revered classics of all times…Sorry, I slept off. I think I should watch it again and then attempt a review.

Casablanca & Spellbound
Talking about classics and timeless beauties - Ingrid Bergman definitely tops my list. I watched Casablanca in 2007 and Spellbound last year. Still, I write about them today because they were and probably, still are, the very best made in their respective genres. I remember feeling restless while watching Casablanca - it resembled a lot of Romantic Hindi movies being doled out year after year. However, a friend brought perspective. He said, "Do you realise that you probably watched the one movie that has been replicated again and again through decades? So while you feel De Ja Vu…it is not Casablanca that is at fault. It is the Original baap of all romantic movies and it is we who have adapted it in various forms." How true ! So now if you see some brooding protagonist with a cigar/pipe, playing violin/piano, the sacrificial heroine deciding to stay back with her husband – you know where it all started from :-) Do watch Casablanca for it's magic. It still comes out as genuine in such times of concocted love stories.

Spellbound is another 1940s flick which I just loved ! It has mild doses of drama and romance and is basically a thriller. A very well made psychological whodunit which shall keep you engaged till the last minute. Ingrid Bergman & Gregory Peck make an awesome pair :-)

I thank small budget movies since they not only keep an otherwise boring Bollywood alive, but also satiate an intelligent and variety hungry audience. 99 is a mad caper which trails the lives and times of those who were unwittingly involved with the launch of the mobile phones in 1999 and were also dragged into the match fixing hullabaloo. A good movie. Amazing Boman. Lovely ensemble cast too.

One movie I have always wanted to review since last year. A small, sleepy, French village; a close-knit community; age old customs; skeletons in every one's cupboards; enter a mother-daughter duo that pose a threat to everything the community has always believed in - a threat through the most lethal weapon - yummy, sexy, melting, tantalizing chocolates ! A must must see for all lovers of old world charm and simple yet meaningful cinema. Oh and non chocolate lovers can watch Chocolat for Johnny Depp. He is nothing short of a treat himself.

Turtles Can Fly
An amazing movie again. A look at the US intervention in Iraq through innocent eyes of a few kids. I love Iranian movies for their simplicity and content. This one's a definite watch for one and all !


ARJuna said...

Hello there, great reviews "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "Casablanca" Now I know why you decided to title the post as "Movies you had SEEN but couldn't review" (as in past tense or very very long ago)
Anyways, I must say Chocolat is my favourite as well. I am yet to watch The Proposal and your review on the "Turtles Can Fly" has made me eager to watch it.
Thanks for coming by my blog.

All Talk and No Action said...

@ARJuna - Chocolat is brilliant :-)
Apart from could also try Children of Heaven, five in the afternoon, etc...Iranian Cinema is too good !