All Talk and No Action Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Being a part of Pankhudi's mailing list has lots of advantages. We get some awesome news and interesting data to feed on.

So, this is about the mailer on Tata Jagriti Yatra.

It's an annual, 18 day train ride across the country.

The purpose is to bring young, entrepreneurial talent together and club them with some experienced and well known professionals in order to open their eyes to the budding spirit of entrepreneurship in India.

Through the 18 day train sojourn, these lucky Yatris get to learn about various small scale industries, businesses and initiatives that are working away feverishly to solve the myriad problems the country faces.

The registration deadline has been extended till November 30.

Do read up and apply for this wonderful opportunity to have a glimpse of the true India.


allthecrap said...

good one..i wish i had that kind of money..32K bit on higher side..I am not saying they are charging more..its just that ki ..hamari jeb khali hai..n interview n all..:0..but awesome stuff!!!

ur going?

All Talk and No Action said...

@allthecrap - yes, I know, its way too expensive :)

Maybe, in future, interested people should take out their own Yatras :)

I am not going.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I came across your post while exploring what people are writing about the Yatra.

Just a small correction. You dont need 32K to go on the yatra. If you are selected for sponsorship all you pay is 3K.

So dont dither. If you think you want to be the change, stop talking and start acting! Over 80% participants on the train last year were sponsored.


Organising team, TJY09

Vijaypal Bishnoi said...

They do have sponsorship supporting your part of expense or Even Full expense!

So don't bother about the financial constraints and do apply..If you are among the few lucky who get a chance to travel across the India with 350 vibrant youth then Finance will not be a problem that I can assure you...

I was part of last Yatra and It was a Amazing experience..
If you have any doubt or want to know more you can contact me
Vijaypal Bishnoi

Dhawal Shah said...

I have been selected and shortlisted and shall be availing part sponsorship.

I shall be going. Some of my friends have been there last year and have advised not to miss it.

All Talk and No Action said...

@TJY Team - Thank You for the clarification and the information. I will update this so that more people can apply and benefit from this Yatra.

@VijayPal - Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Thanks for visiting.

@Dhawal - Great To know that you are going !

Soumya said...

Seems to be a really Awesome journey ! Full of fun and thrill . This topic seems to be all over the internet - got carried over here by the storm of conversations going on here -

Gunvant Jain (Stacy @ IIT-M) said...

hey thnx for the post !! this discussion helped.. i hav applied and got selected and sponsored too :) looking ahead to hav lods of fun :)