All Talk and No Action Saturday, December 19, 2009

Either I need to get my brain checked or there is something colossally wrong with the average Bollywood movie viewer.

Seriously, Paa??

You guys liked Paa???

Somebody please hand me an aspirin.

A request to Balki - Please, please give our kids their innocence back. Ultra smart, smart alecky kids just get on my nerves.

So did Auro.

I am not doing a review, because, frankly, I have no stomach for it.


SiD said...

hey finally someone supporting my view....:)

i totally agree with you...that movie sucks...

finally someone had the stomach to say it...

All Talk and No Action said...

@SiD - Yes, an absolutely rubbish fare. The main problem being that Balki set out with Bachchans in mind and the script became secondary.