All Talk and No Action Saturday, December 19, 2009

As always, Gujarat is a first again.

In a landmark move, the State Government passed the Mandatory Voting Bill, which will make voting compulsory in all local body elections. What the reports do not inform me, is, if there is an option of a "No Vote/No Suitable Candidate" option.

This was long overdue.

Infact, in my opinion, this move should be extended to the whole nation.

Now, Free Will Enthusiasts will definitely have lots to unload here.

Arguments like upholding basic human rights (of not to vote) will form the basis of coffee table conversations.

You might also add that not exercising this right may also show that you are satisfied with the functioning of the State.

Or simply, you are apolitical and care two hoots about who runs the nation and how.

However, if a Democracy needs to run, more so, if a Democracy like ours needs to run successfully, it becomes necessary that each one exercises this duty.

It's no more about a right, but about a civic duty.

The benefits are aplenty.

The move will ensure that the winning candidate is representative of a larger section of society.

It will demand that candidates take their responsibilities seriously and do not take voters for a ride.

We could also see a more informed and better placed electorate. Finally, people might just start doing their bit of research and making demands of unscrupulous representatives.

Though, it remains to be seen what kind of penalty would be enforced on non-compliant parties.

I say, we have something like x hours of community work in education, environment, rural upliftment or related fields.

Waah ek teer se do shikaar.


Azad said...

This was very necessary to bring out the 'i dont care, its just a holiday for me' people out of there comfy beds. Democracy should not mean leniency.
I appreciate Modi Govt for again breaking a trend. Just hope other states and the center (Mrs.Gandhi i even need to mention!) follow the example!


All Talk and No Action said...

@Azad - Yes, this should be followed. Provided, they also include "blank vote" option.

india unbound said...

@ All Talk and No Action

There would be an option of None of the above.

Anonymous said...

Good move , I say :)

All Talk and No Action said...

@indiaunbound - Thanks, I read about it later.

@allthecrap - Only time will tell us if it is good. But yes, we need to take such risks and experiment. Also, too many Op-Eds are being dished out on the subject. Again, they make for informative reading.