All Talk and No Action Sunday, January 31, 2010

Best actor in a negative role - Boman Irani (3 Idiots) and not Kay Kay Menon (Gulaal) or Manish Chaudhary (Rocket Singh) or even Amol Gupte (Kaminey)

Best actor in a comic role - Omi (3 Idiots) and not 'Just Cheeel Dhondu' (All the best) or Santosh (Rocket Singh)

The best of all -
Best Entertainer of the year - Katrina Kaif. OK, really, What???

Like Aamir decides to give these functions a miss, I now decide to give the idiot box a miss.

Btw, just for my knowledge, did anybody bother to watch Gulaal or Rocket Singh ? Atleast tried to ?? Or were Paa and 3 Idiots so overwhelming that you lost your ability to think ?


allthecrap said...

Why cant KAT be Entertainer of the year?

I didn't see any of her movie last year in which she allegedly acted but she has been entertaining all of us ; all these years...I mean just watching her on TV is such a delight :)

you need to be a guy :P

I think rocket singh and luck by chance(which was ignored totally) deserved few of the awards..did that gulal guy got any award ..abhimanyu singh i guess

ashkd said...

seems like an outburst.. :P

but who says that 'screen' awards check technicalities as to give awards to the perfectly 'deserving' people.. also this 'deserving' changes according to people.. every reviewer gave a wonderful rating to Paa and 3 idiots.. so a handful percentage of people are saying the same even if they are critic.. the normal people would have a higher no for similar thinking. also jury for the awards would have higher percentage of such people once again, going by the generalization.. so thats the result.. in any case why to be so much disturbed by this?? :P

Amir's outrage for awards seem funny to me.. you dont get award for Ghulam and you reject everything.. if this trend goes, Sachin should retire just now for not getting the cricketer of the decade award.. :-) or many more such titles.. or Amir works for awards then why this show of perfection!!

moreover, the awards did give respect to not so commercial movies as well..

whatever the award would be, someone would be dissatisfied.. if these movies had been given the awards, there would have been one blog of 'someone' who liked 3 idiots like movies.. so take a chill pill.. :P

All Talk and No Action said...

@allthecrap - I can only laugh at Katrina being given the entertainer of the year award. Yeah, maybe had I been a guy, I would have understood what the lady meant to zillions of guys :)

I was surprised when Ransa (Abhimanyu Singh) did not get an award for Supporting Actor.

Screen being the first award of the year sets expectations for the rest. All I can say is, it was a disappointing show last night.

@ashkd - Yeah, a kind of an outburst :)
Screen is known to be saner than Filmfare. So I was surprised that every award was given away to 3I & Paa.Really, it came across more like Chamchagiri to me than an honest appreciation of art.

About Aamir, he used to hold awards in high regards until Anil Kapoor walked away with an award for Beta. Now you tell me, Beta vs. Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander, just how stupid could they awards get? :)

Anyway, yes, Aamir can be strange sometimes, but I still think he is one of the few who puts his money where is mouth is.

Also, my outburst was more against the kind of cinema we appreciate. Really, just what did Paa have? An old man in lots of makeup. The movie did not talk about Progeria or a father-son relationship or any other sane thing for that matter. So why the award?

3I too was a huge disappoinment as far as I am concerned.

A lot of small meaningful movies were given a miss. And I had a problem with that.

ashkd said...

ye awards ka locha 'chemical locha' se bhi khatarnak hai... :P

I always like Amir for his contribution to experiment in roles in all his films.. he has the range of variety in his acting which any other actor (as hero) is definitely missing. I fully support your view for 3I as i also didnt like it that much, Paa i havent yet watched.. :P

But defining the 'best' becomes a very individual phenomenon and as the industry goes, if Amir like can support Vidhu Vinod for cheating CB, all this 'awards-chamchagiri' seem to be a pretty normal course of action by them. :P

All Talk and No Action said...

@ashkd - Hai na? My comment was almost as big as the post :D. Yes, locha toh hai :P

About Aamir, I agree whole hoon !

About all cheating CB - Really, you believe that? CB has been an I-Banker and he of all people should know what goes into contracts and how to read the fine print.

I didn't believe any bit of what he said.

I also didn't like the way the 3I team handled the whole issue.

Both parties were at fault really.

Koi doodh se dhula hua nahi.

But yes, in future, writers should be more careful and charge good enough amount for their content. If it's not money they seek, then atleast ensure they get good enough credit whereever they deserve.

What's in a name? said...

Ms MM, agreed with your vies on PAA but 3 idiots was a fun movie yaar...why are you against it since day one. @#$%^!!!

All Talk and No Action said...

@wian - 3I was hugely disappointing.
Compared w previous hirani movies, this was a let down. Even as a standalone product, it was faulty...

Rancho did not strike a chord with me. Way too perfect...

Hirani, chopra and aamir are all capable of better stuff.

But indian audience is emotional...and hungry... So any minutely palaable movie is worshipped...