All Talk and No Action Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just thought I should share what I have read and liked this week.

Some of you might already have read these...for those who didn't get a chance, here is my top 5 list of the week :

This magazine article by Jon Krakauer was quite an insightful read. Jon is a survivor of an Everest Tragedy and discusses what it takes to be up there, the unimaginable strength required to pursue the climb, the mistakes that cost his peer group dearly and the thin margin by which he dodged death on that fateful day in the May of 1996. The article would give you plenty of fodder for thought.

This column by Ramesh Ramanathan was well timed. It hits you in the right places.

This column delves into the Google/China face off and presents an insider's views on the Chinese Society.

I have never, never been a fan of SRK. Infact, fan is too strong a word. Lets just say, I don't bother much about him. However, I have to add, I am very happy at his
response to the Sena. He has just grown in stature in my eyes. I just hope he doesn't back out now.

Finally, Tavleen Singh's tutorial. Now these are thoughts that should be directed at anyone, who we think deserves to be the Captain of the ship called India.


ashkd said...

ditto for SRK.. :-)

These experiences of Everest are amazing to read/listen.. I have got chance to listen the realities from someone who had been there.. it was shockingly great..

All Talk and No Action said...

@ashkd - i don't know too many active mountaineers...hence haven't read/heard much on the subject...yet this piece gave me goosebumps...