All Talk and No Action Sunday, May 9, 2010

Amit Varma shares his thoughts on India's plan of action to fight terrorism, emanating from Pakistan.

I have often heard this argument : Trade more with Pakistan. Engage with their business class. An economically stabler Pakistan is in India's interests.

A friend pointed out that similar logic was being used by China in Xinjiang (erstwhile East Turkestan).

Fair, I would say.

However, personally, I don't view terrorism as a problem of poverty.

If that were so, we wouldn't be able to explain the Middle East connection in the 1993 Bombay blasts, the background of the London bombers, and Osama himself.

Now, terrorism, really is a dense subject. There is never a single reason for it.

But, according to me, one of the most basic causes is  - Superiority Complex.

When a particular community feels that it alone is the most supreme race on Earth, that it is born to rule, and every non follower is an Infidel, this is what the world comes to.

Hitler suffered from the mentioned complex and so did Turks, when they carried out the Armenian genocide.

Narrowing down the above argument to India : the whole Brahmanical structure reeked of this syndrome.

We have had scores of our people being denied the most basic rights, only because, someone from an upper caste felt they didn't deserve those rights.

India's plan of action to become an economic power - one of the most loved questions at every B School panel.

One, that most of us have held endless discussions on.

I feel stupid about technological know-how, employable workforce, industrialization, green energy, and the usual blah, I, and many others often come up with.

Until we put an end to this superiority complex, this mindset of treating non-believers/ non followers/ or anyone who is different from us, as lesser worthy humans, we should give up our dreams of becoming a developed nation.


ashkd said...

for the last line - you kidding!! you sure that we should think anything of this sort? :P

read the article on differences between india-china in last week's BW.. one of the editorials.. a few lines in that would wipe out any misconceptions of us becoming developed nation ever. :-)

Azad said...

Well... It is worth giving a thought.. Linking poverty to terrorism has never been a convincing answer.
Many experts say this problem started with the creation of Israel. But i believe it has been lingering on since a long time before that.
Superiority complex seems like a fair hypothesis...!


Anonymous said...

I agree. Its not the only reason but I think in most of the cases It is THE reason. And at times personal bitter experience in the past and few cases of misguidance.

I believe if a person is living a happy life (earning enough to meet his expenses)and has never faced any discrimination, Its most unlikely that he/she will choose the path of terrorism.

All Talk and No Action said...

@ashkd - We already think we are up there, amongst the best and most progressive nations. So, you are spoiling the party for everyone, traitor ;)

@Azad - Nope, it's not about Israel at all. Superiority Complex has been around as long as man has existed.

@allthecrap - Yes, the mindset, according to me, is the biggest issue. Everything else, pages of analysis and all talks should drive home this point. No amount of trade, etc. will work till this complex is treated.

Dhawal Shah said...

I dont think terrorism is a problem in the world. You can keep saying poverty, drugs and whatever else you can think. I think the basic problem is lack of devotion.

Devotion can be towards Jesus, Allah, or Krishna. True Devotion brings out humility and compassion.

Now, patriotism is something that people keep saying all the time. One of my most basic questions is that nations are not made by God, but by men. They are not made for just governance, but more so for pride.

Now, one soldier can die fighting another nation, he can be praised, garlanded and whatever forms of glory, but ultimately, its not going to help him get liberation or moksha.

We are children of Krishna and we should not forget the ultimate goal. We can eradicate terrorism by bhakti, all of this poverty, superiority complex, and all is this new world sham. Thinking superiority complex is the cause is like curing cancer with pain killers.

Dhawal Shah said...

About Past experiences as mentioned by Nothing but Crap. I mean, Only Crap or all the Crap or whatever. I am sorry, I dont mean to insult the name, I am sure it means something meaningful, but I dont get it. (Please explain)

Whatever happens to us is because of our past circumstances / karma. Its got nothing to do with now. If someone hurts you and you hurt back in return, that is again creating negative karma. If someone insults or humiliates you, do not retailiate, that is a better way of understanding.

I have seen the origin of terrorism only in those countries, where there is no ISKCON temple, Russia, Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Instead of spending crores on weaponry and intelligence and peace talks, just sponsor ISKCON temples and see the results.

Sumedh said...

well said Dhawal,

I liked ur following views:

1. About Past experiences as mentioned by Nothing but Crap. I mean, Only Crap or all the Crap or whatever. I am sorry, I dont mean to insult the name, I am sure it means something meaningful, but I dont get it. (Please explain)


2. Nothing else

Thanks for the above mentioned entertaining views...

All Talk and No Action said...

@DS - The problem is not about lack of devotion; it is rather about which way to Godhead is supreme.

@Sumedh - Thanks for stopping by. However, would have prefered some comments from you... given our long chats over this subject.