All Talk and No Action Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Though important developments at Work, Pankhudi and home kept be busy, I still found time to sample this and poke fun at people. I even watched three movies in a row!

So I see no reason why I couldn't have blogged!

Sorry, will overcome my monsoon lethargy and get back to regular posting soon :-)

In the meanwhile, if you crave good, traditional, spicy Maharashtrian food -  no, don't contact me.

Rather, join me at Sinhagad and Lohagad over this weekend. We will enjoy good food and can also trek if you please.

It is difficult to do detailed reviews of all the movies I watched this week -  Tere Bin Laden, Inception and Udaan.

They brought back nostalgia - of houseful theaters and family outings, crying babies and crowded washrooms.

While Tere Bin Laden is a nice comedy, Udaan is a nuanced drama, with excellent music.

About Inception, the lesser said the better - it is the only movie I have seen, which enjoyed a standing ovation from the audience.

Do any of you watch the dance show Chak Dhoom Dhoom on Colors?

If yes, can you please tell me why the hell Shyam did what he did in the semi-finals? Why would anyone select Maa as his semi-final act?  Did none of the judges warn him for such sloppy choice?

With Shyam out, I am now rooting for Piyush. His performances are brilliant.


Sneha said...

While you enjoy the monsoon, summer is in full swing here. And ofcourse the summer movie season. Inception certainly did not disappoint. We will have to see what else summer brings.

allthecrap said...

I loved udaaan :) Thought of writing a review but new releases shd be reviewed in first 2 days itself(I believe) missed the train :(

All Talk and No Action said...

@Sneha - Inception did not disappoint - but it didn't make you very happy too? :) I loved the movie.. Typical Nolan in many ways..

@allthecrap - Yes, Udaan was very, very good! Superb performances and I just couldn't get enough of the background score...