All Talk and No Action Saturday, August 14, 2010

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The past few weeks have helped Bollywood to better its Karma.

Tere Bin Laden, Udaan and now Peepli [Live].

I feel especially happy about Peepli, for an obvious reason - Aamir Khan.

However, this cannot take away Peepli's credit as a stand-alone product. Aamir or not, Peepli is an immensely well written satire on farmer suicides, Indian media and the state of politics in the country.

Though it deals with a stark subject, the movie has a strong element of black humour and is crisply written.

Needless to add, like most non-filmi background directors, Anusha Rizvi shows a knack for detailing, a quality I have come to respect. Another movie on a similar subject, which show-cased the director's fine detailing sense was Gabhricha Paus.

The entire cast of Peepli [Live] comes up with commendable performances, especially the lead actor, Omkar Das as Natha. I also enjoyed Farrukh Jaffar's portrayal as the foul mouthed, cot bound Amma.

I urge everyone to go for this fare.

Later we may want to have another version of jamming; this time, demanding that Bollywood make a theatre training compulsory for all its actors.

Personally, I hate giving away the plot in a review. It spoils all the fun. Hence, you will not find the plot being discussed in most of my reviews.


Booklover said...

oh I sure shall :)

Hari Batti said...

I agree: a brilliant film.

Sakhi said...

I really wanted to watch this movie (Aamir Khan!) and after reading this review I want to even more. Guess this movie is going to reach up to my expectations.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Abhilash - Yes, please do :-)

@Hari Batti - Yep. Confident direction.

@Sakhi - Welcome to the blog. Do catch this one - very good performances and writing.

allthecrap said...

heard some -ve things as well.

Mansi said...

Quite agree with the review...
Here's what I thought about the film..
Do share your thoughts.


All Talk and No Action said...

@allthecrap - See for self and decide :)

@Mansi - Welcome to the blog. You have an interesting take on the movie too.

eatpraylovemovies said...

Thanks dear...
hope to see you around on my blog


Mohammed Musthafa said...

I like your policy of generally not discussing movie plots. I always found it pointless when every scene is explained. And i marvel at aamir now. Best producer/actor in india now!

All Talk and No Action said...

@Musthafa - Nice to see you here. Yep, most reviews give away the entire plot and don't allow us to think for ourselves.

About Aamir, I am a fan. Yet, I haven't seen much of regional cinema and film makers to comment on how good/bad Aamir is in comparison.