All Talk and No Action Wednesday, August 18, 2010

As a Mumbaikar, I loved reading this witty piece on why Bombay hates Delhi.

However, the humour in why Delhi hates Bombay just fell flat.

A lot of us seem to have suddenly discovered Open. Some good reads in there.

Chris Yeh answers questions related to MBA admissions and more here.  Neat site with some very useful information.

A very interesting article on why the recent controversy and arm twisting in the chase for Blackberry is useless. I have always loved using the BB and all this demand for decrypted mails is supremely ridiculous.

If you have a pet at home, Charu just did you a big favour! This is a comprehensive list of vets across the country.

I admire B Raman for his straight talk. Here he urges Indian whistle blowers to pull up their socks.

This one is for all loving and caring sisters. Next time your brother pulls your hair, throw this in his face!


pRasad said...

Thanks for sharing this..I went through articles on Delhi vs Mumbai & I loved them :)

All Talk and No Action said...

@Prasad - Yeah, the Mumbai vs. Delhi debate always comes in handy when we have nothing better to discuss :-)