All Talk and No Action Thursday, August 19, 2010

Amit Varma comes up with an eloquent post  after a long time.

While I completely agree with the essence, this bit struck a chord :

Over the years, I've been in countless internet debates, across blogs and Twitter and all of that. I've argued for free speech and free markets and accountable governments and this and that, and I've come to realise that most of those arguments were not about free speech or free markets or accountable governments or this or that, but simply about one thing: whose dick is bigger.

I am surrounded by "intelligentsia" - all around.

While they challenge me intellectually, I can't help notice just how many of them are "all talk and no action".

It is easier to detect this pattern in them, since, I was not very different in my formative years.

I still debate when a worthwhile opportunity presents itself.

But with time, and some unusual experiences, I have learnt to discern and choose my causes well.

As Indians, we all are susceptible to this harmful habit. The earlier we realise, the better it will be.

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