All Talk and No Action Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MasterChef India is in it's last leg and I am very eager for this weekend's finale.

I am happy for having been able to predict two of the three finalists - Jayavardhan and Pankaj. Radhicka is quite a welcome surprise.

Having seen this far, I will root for Jayavardhan. Somehow, for no particular reason, he makes me feel emotional. That apart, he is quite a sight in the kitchen and one hell of a cook.

I admire the contestants for the finesse they bring to their food. Yet, with all the method and perfection, they still love what they do.

Sometimes, our search for perfection squeezes out the charm we find in our hobbies.

The day your passion feels like a chore, is when you should give it up.


ashkd said...

hehe.. and i was sure of Radhicka from the day 1 i started watching it.. after Diwali to be specific.. Somehow i see her winning as well.. :-)

All Talk and No Action said...

Radhicka is the dark horse here! She is very confident and yet, so warm and charming :-)