All Talk and No Action Friday, December 24, 2010

This makes for a funny read. Picturing the stupefied critic cracks me up. Having enjoyed the read, I still wouldn't condone what the restaurateur did. It was downright nasty.

 However, it would be nice to do this with some of our food critics. Specially, who write for tabloids and provide no value add, either to the restaurant or to the reader.

Of late, the quality of food reviews that have appeared in Mid-Day, Time Out, Mumbai Mirror and Bombay Times make more damage than provide an honest feedback.

Ideally, you are supposed to offer valid reasons for why your restaurant visit fell flat. It goes without saying that you must have some idea about the cuisine you are about to critique. You can't claim to love Thai food and then whine about it using coconut.

Eating out and writing about restaurants you love is fine. Food Critiquing is something else altogether.

Okay, now time for a restaurant review from yours truly. Ahem.

Just kidding.

I am not qualified to review The Indian Harvest at Acres Club. However, I can vouch for the terrific time you will have if you decide to visit the place.

They are champs at fusion food and I loved the fresh ideas they brought to the table.

I tried the restaurant after Rushina recommended it here.

If you are into Food photography, do read Andrew Scrivani. Helpful tips.

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