All Talk and No Action Friday, December 24, 2010

Being mailed this link seems destined.

Just yesterday I was discussing with a friend how much I disliked reading self help books, and today, another one mailed the above link.

The only self help book I have read is The Alchemist and

I firmly believe that each of us knows what is in our interest, what should be done to earn more, love more, be healthier, be happier, be more successful, be more content, be smarter, have more friends and be a rockstar!

So, after knowing it all, if you still haven't been able to fulfil your wish - the book will never do it for you.

Merry Christmas.

Link via Vikas.

Update : I now remember, I also tried reading  The monk who sold his ferrari. In the end, better (my) sense prevailed.


ashkd said...

hehe.. try my suggestions.. :P

ashkd said...

Like your update.. everything is so obvious there.. :P

All Talk and No Action said...

@ashkd - yeah made a note of the book list you suggested. Obvious in the book you mean, na?

ashkd said...

yup.. the book.. thats why i also never try such things!!

All Talk and No Action said...

@ashkd - What an absolute torture. I actually ended up a notch stupid after reading the book :)

india unbound said...

No book ever does anything for anyone. It depends on what you take from the book.

The holy Koran inspires millions of people to do zakat (charity) and the same Koran inspires terrorists.

For an atheist, the Koran or Geeta or for that matter any religious book would most probably "never do" anything.

But just because it does not work for an atheist, does not mean that it wont work for anyone.

All Talk and No Action said...

@IU - The point here is : An individual has to act. Reading or day dreaming don't suffice.