All Talk and No Action Tuesday, January 25, 2011

... if you are a resident of Mathura/Vrindavan/Agra/Delhi/Noida/Jim Corbett Park/Haridwar/Rishikesh.

Starting 27th January, I will be on a tour of North India for 10 days. While the main reason I am making this trip is to attend a friend's wedding... it was too tempting for my group, not to combine it with sight seeing. Also, this being my first trip to the North... I have been hopping around with excitement ever since we made our bookings, about two months back. Finally, I will get to wear real winter wear.

Manali was a dream destination for all of us. Unfortunately, the climate this year hasn't been encouraging and hence all plans of skiing and chilling out had to be thwarted.  

While the other ladies in my group are upbeat about shopping in Delhi, I, among other things, am upbeat about finally visiting the Mental Hospital in Agra. I am also told about a famous area in Vrindavan/Mathura, which is off limits for the public, after dusk. Residents of that village put out their lights after sunset and give enough space to the Lord, lest he unleash his fury.
If my Lord isn't camera shy, you will be treated to some awesome snaps very soon.

The past two months have been extremely hectic... I have had to work on most weekends and sometimes, on public holidays too. Most activities took a backseat and all I could think about was the long list of deadlines. Having said that, I was happy to have been this busy.

Having done my college's final year thesis on the sunrise sectors of India, it feels exciting to be a part of one of those very industries - the great Indian Retail story.  

Though not much of a shopper myself, I have always felt happy to watch people spend money and buy stuff. While I will not explain why I feel this way, I will only add that retail therapy does work.

Coming back to weddings, this is going to be the umpteenth one I will have attended this season. December saw me attending 8.. And the scene will not change till, at least the 14th of Feb, when a cousin will be getting married.

I have had my personal observations about weddings... Which I will probably share when I am back. But if you find nothing on the subject - do understand that maybe that depicts what I feel about the entire issue.

Be Good.

Enjoy your day off today.


allthecrap said...

Good to hear that..Its nice time to visit North...Not so cold now.

Parth J Dave said...

Alltalk hasn't seen me even though I'm in her neighbourhood. Hahaha!

Have a nice and memorable trip! :)

All Talk and No Action said...

@ATC - The Trip was nice, and, it was chilling (for me)... the lowest temperature being 4 degrees!

@Parth - Partho... promise to meet you when you are done with your exams bachha :-)