All Talk and No Action Tuesday, January 25, 2011

While researching for a project recently, I came across two interesting bits of information on music -

David Tame writes in his book, The secret power of music -
A recent teenage fad was that of taking soft eggs to rock concerts and placing them at the foot of the stage. Midway through the concert the eggs could be eaten hard-boiled as a result of the music. Amazingly few rock fans wondered what that same music might do to their bodies.

A German sewage plant has been able to save $1200 monthly - by playing Mozart! Apparently, Mozart encourages microbes to break down faster.

The CEO Anton Stucki has to say this :
We think the secret is in the vibrations of the music, which penetrate everything — including the water, the sewage and the cells
As someone who consumes a lot of music, without dwelling much on trivia, the research was quite an engaging exercise.

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