All Talk and No Action Monday, March 14, 2011

An excellent piece on indoctrination of the US Police force against Islam.

Sample this :
When I look at the life of Muhammad, I get a very nasty image,” said Kharoba, pausing to look around the auditorium. The audience was silent. “I am talking about a pedophile, a serial killer, a rapist,” Kharoba said. “And that is just to start off with.

“Anyone who says that Islam is a religion of peace,” he continued, “is either ignorant or flat out lying.”
Frustration seemed to be burning in the air, and a cop—looking grim, anguished—spoke up. “From a law enforcement standpoint, what can we do?” he asked. “What do we do to deal with these people?”

“The best way to handle these people is what I call legal harassment,” Kharoba answered. “Start to identify who is coming into your area.” Go to the DMV and see who has applied for a driving license. Look at the owners of convenience stores. Corner stores are one of the principal ways Hezbollah launders money in the United States, he said. (The claim is not true.) “You only need one precedent,” Kharoba said. “Health inspectors, alcohol trade officers, these guys can turn a convenience store upside down without a warrant.”
Kharoba is a counter terrorism "expert" and the above is a dialogue from one of his sessions.

Bad time to be a Muslim, eh?


Ye manzilen !! said...

Brave efforts ALANT.

This is just the tip of the Ice-berg, the plots are thicker than this. But the good part is with the help from rational / thinking minded folks around the world, these times too will pass!

Other communities have been hounded before and more will be followed after Muslims are let off...

All Talk and No Action said...

@Ye manzilen - Welcome back Shahid Ji.

It seemed all too wrong and I had to write about this.

What I do also believe is : Rational Muslims should stand up more and speak... recent developments in Pakistan aren't encouraging... maybe, they need a revolution like Egypt...

Umm, on second thoughts, I think India too needs a revolution like Egypt :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, this seems to be so true. I am glad America is not a so called SECULAR, unlike INDIA.

I love Muslims and I love Islam, however, all that is said about the religion and the people is true.

Even here in Mumbai, India, when I researched, 80% of the crime happening on the streets of Mumbai is by Muslims. Hence by segmenting, the cops are effectively controlling the crime.


Read More @

Those that disagree with me can walk by themselves at any of these 3 locations.

Bhinda Bazaar
Muhamed Ali Road

Once any non-muslim comes alive, we could discuss further.

Another survey by Times of India, which wasnt published to avoid controversy mentioned that:

Between 1991 and 2010:
Close to 71% of indian jail inmates are muslims. The extremely crime rate amongst the indian muslim community is 75 to 91%. All of India's interpol red corner notices are against muslims,

Also 90% of india's most wanted are muslims.

I feel, I am the only honest, hard working, law abiding (70% of the times) Muslim in my entire community.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Ashfaq - Are you really a Muslim? Or another internet troll?

And, how is it that you are privy to surveys never published by any newspapers?

The links and stats provided by you do not all pertain to India and appear to be humbug.

Anonymous said...

@ All Talk:

Yes, I am unfortunately a Muslim. I condemn myself.

Yes those statistics are true, why would I bash up Muslims, when I am myself one.

I am sure, Shahid Ji will also agree.

Also, I dont really know why are you talking about an extinct species aka Rational Muslims.

There is no rational muslim, other than me.

Ashfaq Ibrahim