All Talk and No Action Monday, March 14, 2011

While I was at work and typing away furiously, Prasad messaged me on twitter :
how abt it? RT @timepass: A 3-month-old male Dalmatian pup in Delhi is up for adoption. Any one interested?
The first thing I did was to post it on my facebook. Then I communicated with Shane Jacob ( @timepass) to get more information.

By then, messages started pouring in... Mumbai, Chandigarh, Pune... Started receiving messages on phone and Gtalk too.

Before I could explain the particulars, the pup got adopted.

30 minutes. Deal closed.

A very good start to the week.


On a related note, my mom and I have been doing our bit to connect animal care organisations with families who want to adopt.

We mainly focus on stray pups and kittens.

So, if you and/or any acquaintance is interested in adoption, please write to me.


Azad said...

Social Media is really a boon for many people. When a friend's dad needed Blood in Kerala, Social media again came to rescue and within no time was he contacted with many donors...

Harish said...

When used in a proper way, social networking sites are a boon.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Azad - Yes, I am now beginning to appreciate social media's reach and impact.

@Harish - Bingo :)

Dhawal Shah said...

@Author Why be biased towards dogs and only dogs. What wrong with cows?