All Talk and No Action Monday, March 14, 2011

In her column on Charlie Sheen, Laurie Penny says it better than most can :
When a celebrity who also happens to be a violent misogynist falls from grace, it is rarely the misogyny that draws comment. Last summer, when Mel Gibson finally tossed off one foaming racist diatribe too many, the entire press chose to ignore the context in which that rant was delivered - namely a terrifying outburst directed at his former partner, the mother of his child. Mike Tyson and other known rapists are treated as good ol' boys. They are portrayed as dangerous, exciting junkies who are not only cool enough to take drugs and smack women about but are wealthy enough to pay for it.
Time to feel outraged at the right cause ?

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Anonymous said...

Want to be outraged - look at what these guys are doing to women: