All Talk and No Action Thursday, March 31, 2011

Everything said and done, I would have handed the Man of the Match to Wahab Riaz.

Riaz took the game of cricket to a new high and ensured that India remained on her toes.

Much respect for Shahid Afridi too. He had grace, maturity and all things nice we associate with leaders. 

Ditto for Dhoni. I felt gratified to watch his measured reaction when India took wickets.

All in all, a holiday very well spent.

Now, can we move on and prepare for the Final pleaajj?


Anonymous said...

How about Suresh Raina?
Probably his innings at the end was the difference between the two sides?

aruna said...

i totally agree with you about Riyaz. He was very good and deserved the Man Of the Match award.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Anon - Raina definitely provided the necessary support. But, personally, Riaz scared me. It was good cricket and I would have loved to have him in my dream team.Hence..

btw, congratulations on winning the WC :-)

All Talk and No Action said...

@Aruna - Welcome to the blog and congratulations on the WC win :-)

Dhawal Shah said...

Yes Pakis need to be slaughtered and thrashed.

I really dont understand the rationale behind inviting Pak premier and whoever. Why should we give Pak so much importance.

I also dont understand About times of India's Aman Ki Aasha PR stunt and those competitions with idiotic Paki kids competing with Indians.

Why should we do all this BS. Isnt it easier and more acceptable to simply nuke Pak