All Talk and No Action Monday, March 28, 2011

"Pakka? No other reason? Lock kar diya jaaye?? Come on, It can't be that easy!"

"Haan baba... it is the heat and the soot."

"Not the men?"

"Hell, No! The men here are becharas."

Alright then.

Puneri Ladkiyon ki kahaani - unhi ki zubaani.

The almost terrorist like facial cover up is only and only to save their nirmal, mulayam twacha from dust and heat - so said my colleagues from Pune.

So also seems to be the reason for Amdavadi women. 

Finally, I can lay this personal query of six years to rest.  

Though, I would have loved an answer like this : 
I think they believe that the more a girl is covered, the world tries to get more inquisitive to know them; however there's no sense to this logic.


ashkd said...

I guess this is applicable to every place now.. when i was used to go to Pune in 2003-05, i used to mock this face covering thing and that time it was only in Pune.. now i see in Kanpur too.. almost 80% girls do this.. Wear Sunscreen (Baz Luhrman) is better.. :P

All Talk and No Action said...

@ashkd - having been through the heat in Pune and Ah'd (which according to me is equal to baking in an oven), I would probably give the cream a ditch and follow suit with the Dupatta... Appreciative glances by men be damned :)