All Talk and No Action Friday, March 4, 2011

Since the last 3 years now I have been successfully planning to run for the Mumbai Marathon. Implementation ofcourse, hasn't been a part of the plan. So this year, while another acquaintance ran for the full Marathon, I thought I had had enough of my own yarns.

So, starting today, I will be waking up by 4.30 am every morning and will prepare myself for the Mumbai Marathon 2012.

Now ofcourse, running for the half Marathon (21 kms.) will require more than waking up early. Certain lifestyle changes are up on the cards. Thankfully, four of my friends have already run for the half (21 kms.) and the full (42 kms.) marathons. I hope to make good use of their experiences.

The reason I share this with you is to bring in the accountability element. As they say, share your plans with the world at large and someone, somewhere, will irritate you enough to achieve what you set out to do.

I also want to try out the 21 day rule of forming a habit. Through my own experiments, we will now see how true this wisdom holds.

And while I share my 3 weeks' experiences with you, you are free to comment and share your own experiences on forming any worthwhile habits/preparing for the Marathon.

I have mostly been an early riser. So, waking up early will hopefully not be the more difficult part of the plan.

I see many benefits of waking up early. The most important one being, catching up on my reading and writing. This February, I completed 3 years of blogging. While I re-visited some of my favourite posts published here and elsewhere, I realised how less I wrote. For example, it's been almost a month from my North India trip and I have yet to chisel out my experiences on paper.

I have also been an avid reader ever since I can remember. Of late, I have been struggling to finish what I pick up to read.

I promise to correct this habit.

Starting tomorrow, twice a week I will attend Tai Chi chuan classes.

One of my pet dreams has been to learn and master every martial art known to man (swordsmanship being my personal favourite).

I got interested in Tai Chi during my brief stint in Hong Kong. While Tai chi may not be a fast paced art, it promises to build a blend of mind control, discipline, energy conservation and self defense - all by means of slow hand and feet movement.

So the next time you need self protection, you know who to come running to.

Certain pro bono (for now) book review projects are in the pipeline.

Very soon you will read a lot many book reviews than you can handle.

Enough said. How have you been?


mashhood said...

Try for it.... It happens with every body...

Anonymous said...

How's the preparation for the Mumbai MARATHON going on?