All Talk and No Action Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A friend just shared this alternate climax of Sholay. It seems more in sync with the sentiment of victory of good over evil. 

So, why did they re-shoot the scene?

The web search hasn't been very helpful. Some commentors believe that the censor board found the scene a tad too gory.

Anyway, I find this scene more befitting and even poignant. I mean, the Thakur weeping ?

If you have heard of other reasons for dropping the alternate climax, please share.

Hat tip : Amitesh


confusedyuppie said...

wow! whr did u get this from?

All Talk and No Action said...

@confusedyuppie - Welcome to the blog. A friend shared the movie link on facebook.

india unbound said...

Yeah the climax was changed because of censor board.

Censor board was stricter during emergency when the movie was released and they did not want the good guy i.e. Thakur, a former police officer in the movie to win by breaking the law.