All Talk and No Action Monday, May 23, 2011

An interesting talk by Jai Arjun Singh on film writing and the general art of movie critiquing in India.

Jai Arjun is an earnest speaker and one can feel his love for the subject. The talk can be enjoyed by most movie buffs and people who write about cinema.

Speaking about movies, I have been on my usual movie watching spree and even revisiting some old favorites. From the recent fares, I quite enjoyed Shor in the city. Tushar and Sendhil put up likeable performances and I didn't want their stories to end. There is a marked difference between Ekta Kapoor's cinema and her television plots and I much prefer the former.

Another movie I enjoyed watching was Stanley ka Dabba. It is a novel plot with ample innocence and reference to good, old days of childhood. The way Stanley fuses food into its plot is commendable. The movie is certainly not a masterpiece. Personally, I would have preferred more meat for the characters, especially, the Science teacher. Such fun! But this, and some other glitches apart, the movie is worth a watch or even two.

Can't wait for Kung Fu Panda 2.

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