All Talk and No Action Thursday, May 19, 2011

It is extremely rare for a thought to completely zap you out of your most important and urgent task, sit back, breathe in, and, shed a tear or two.

I am not being cheesy.

Read this and you will know.

Everyone has special memories of their grand parents.

Mine are of my maternal grand mother from the time I was 5.

Every time we spoke over the phone or I visited her house I would badger her with updates from my school. Through the years, we discussed my school rules, my new uniform, my timetable, my exam preparation, my favorite subjects and my picnic venue. I often informed her about the importance of studying environmental studies and how earthworms were actually friends of the farmer. Looking at her wide eyed responses and chuckles, I felt good about discussing matters of such national importance.

Thinking back, I know she must not have understood most of my blabber about my school grading system and would probably have found my school bag filled with overwhelming textbooks.

Yet, whether I fared well or screwed up, wasn't important. That she hardly understood my education through the years, also didn't matter. She treated me as any 5-7 year old must be treated, irrespective of my rank, marks, rewards and the level of my bookish knowledge.

Hell, I am sure she would have treated me the same even today - with unconditional and non judgmental love.

If your grand parents are alive today - go and give them a tight, non fatal hug.


Nova said...

I have been missing my nani for a lonnnng time now!! Really want to meet her... And soon!!! :(

All Talk and No Action said...

@Nova - You are lucky to have her around.