All Talk and No Action Thursday, May 19, 2011

This is one of those thought provoking and informative articles which may prick your conscience, if you manage to read it entirely, of which, I am not so sure.

Of late, such articles don't seem to cut through me.

Because, those people who truly believe that their lives are being governed by such ephemeral objects and feel guilty about it - are already trying to remedy it. Others, continue to use such media and technology and keep complaining about how moronic, robotic and senseless their lives have become.

Point is : Do such articles matter at all?  

This is similar to a lot of new age parents who cry hoarse about how spoilt kids today are : lack of innocence, impatience, lower attention spans, and absolute lack of knowledge about how the interiors of a park look like. And the next thing you know, these very parents buy PSPs for their five year old kids, discourage any inquisitive questions by the child and treat kids to video games at malls and parlours.

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