All Talk and No Action Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An interesting read on the narrative surrounding Bin Laden's death.
The leader of the terrorist group was soft, a coward in the end who hid behind a woman's skirts like a little girl, having grown accustomed to living in luxury in a mansion.
Not really.

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ARJuna said...

Hey there,
Thank you is the first thing that comes to mind! I was touched (I know it sounds cliched, but believe me I really am) to see your comment!
In times when people hardly remember real life acquaintances, being remembered by one of my online readers was not something that I had expected.
To answer your question in a few words, 'Real Life took over'. Maintaining a balance between my online presence and commitments at home, college etc. became difficult.
I became tired of the constant battle within my head 'To blog or not to blog and if yes, when to blog?'
Currently I am giving my final graduation exams. But will surely get back to write about this and some other things in a couple of months time!