All Talk and No Action Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This article has some more insights on the man who is more influential than Obama. Bits that stayed with me -

This also means that while he respects icons, he is not overly lyrical talking about them. For example, when speaking of Tendulkar, he is respectful but never over the top. Tokenism irritates him, even if he does not show it. Take, for instance, the India versus England match in Bangalore, which ended in a tie. Tendulkar had scored a masterly hundred. But the thrilling end and the controversial UDRS in favour of England’s Ian Bell had pushed it to the background. This reflected in the post-match press conference. At the fag end, however, when the intensity was gone and everyone had started to gather their belongings, a journalist asked Dhoni in Hindi if he wanted to say something about Tendulkar’s contribution. It was a token question and not critical in the context of the day’s events. So Dhoni begged off with a smile, saying, “Bees saal se bol rahe hain, sir (Been saying it for 20 years).”

He is put off by extremes of the Indian media and their fetish for negativity. The last straw, apparently, was the story a leading newspaper ran of a rift between him and Virender Sehwag during the 2009 World T20. Now Dhoni fulfils his duty towards the press but not more. There was a time when the player of the match would be sent for the press conference. Now, most times, only Dhoni shows up. He wants to guard his players from the media. At the World Cup, journalists complained about this to him. His reply suggested that had it not been for ICC rules, he wouldn’t even do this much.
Dear Lord, please, please, please, please let us have more youth icons like him.

And no, I am no expert on cricket. So I forbid you to shoot emails discussing his short cover fielding strategy.

But, I can't overcome my competence to possess and supply global gyaan on all things un-important, and hence promise to regale you with newer definitions of cricketing strategies, were you to still go ahead with your plans
to bombard my inbox.

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