All Talk and No Action Monday, May 30, 2011

This is the most incisive article I have read on the subject of privacy and individual choice.

The writer does us a huge favor by putting forth examples of invasion of privacy we often fail to consider.

Indians probably have some more years to go before privacy concerns assume demoniac proportions. Not because we have truly nothing to hide, only because most of us do not know what privacy means.

Nevertheless, the article serves us well to learn from others' misfortunes.

Though there are no two ways about an individual's right to privacy, I often find myself floundering on the subject. While it is perfectly reasonable to expect one's own privacy rights not to be trampled upon, I can't bring myself to accord this basic right to a certain class of Indians.

It is during times like these when I hate personally held views like Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, since, I think it is impossible to fight the ugly in India, without getting one's hands dirty and compromising on certain personal benefits.

I realise I don't have a coherent argument in this case. 

So, I will do what comes best to me under such circumstances.

Sleep over it.

Scientific study be damned

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